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[email protected]

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(315) 732-2701

About Me

David Armstrong is CIO, Founder of Collingwood Wealth Management. Collingwood is a Boston based independent money management firm that provides fee-based wealth management services to both individual and institutional investors. David has over 25 years of experience and is the Chairman of the investment Committee and oversees all investment and research activities of the firm. He is actively engaged with the securities analysis and determines the tactical asset allocation weightings for client portfolios. He is the key decision maker on allocation and heads Collingwood’s research department. Relationship management is a primary focus of David’s. He firmly believes that the success of his firm is attributable to providing a client focused approach to compliment the investment results.


Prior to establishing Collingwood Wealth Management, David was employed as the Director of Investments for Oppenheimer & Company, where he learned the key strategies and concepts utilized today for Collingwood’s investment management strategies.


David will continue his expertise in investment and research activities here at Master Planners, and is looking forward to providing existing and future clients with superior service. David is a native of the area and has strong connections all throughout upstate New York.


David enjoys spending his free time hiking in the Adirondacks with his Labrador Finn, eating his girlfriends delicious cooking and finding the best fly fishing destinations in the world.